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Unlike most network service providers who oversubscribe their networks - our networks have been specifically designed with enough capacity to guarantee that clients can always transfer data at their full burst rate.

This allows us to eliminate packet loss and delay caused by local congestion. Our network engineers also have extensive experience with all major vendors allowing us to deploy a 'best of breed network' utilizing the most effective solution for each part of our network, including Foundry, Cisco, Riverstone, Extreme and others.

Ethr.Net's PremiumBlend IP Transit service utilizes BGP4 and Policy-Based-Routing to provide the our customers with a highly reliable and extremely high performance connection to the Internet. Our IP network is directly peered with three of the top 10 most connected Tier-1 carrier backbones in the world. In addition, we have dozens of private peers throughout the Bay Area. Currently we connect directly to these carriers:

  • ATT (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Level3 Communications (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Savvis Communications (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • MCI/Worldcom (Coming Soon)


metro transport network
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market post tower
365 main has deployed a WDM-capable network in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through our optical fiber network, we are able to deliver metro transport solutions customized to every customer needs. Ethernet, wavelength, and dark fiber are optical transport services we could deliver. provides services to customers in need for the following solutions:

Metro Access - connecting businesses to the service providers of their choice

Metro Core - connecting service provider networks between major aggregation points

Business Networks - providing secure and reliable purpose-built networks for specific IT applications

Currently, we are able to deliver lit services to the following buildings:

- 365 Main St, San Francisco
- 200 Paul Ave, San Francisco
- 529 Bryant St, Palo Alto
- 55 S. Market St, San Jose
- 11 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose

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data centers
market post tower

Located at 55 South Market Street in San Jose, California, Market Post Tower is a 289,965 square-foot 15-story office tower located in the heart of the downtown San Jose business district.

The Building, often referred to as the "Gold Building" (due to the gold reflective glass on its exterior), is widely known as one of the "most connected" carrier hotels around the globe. Market Post Tower is home to MCI's MAE-West facility and offers Peering by PAIX. In addition, the property currently houses a variety of telecom companies.

Highlights of our data center:

  • Dual 12KV PG&E feeders provides the power with abundant amount of power
  • 6 emergency diesel generators ranging from 150KW to 2MW provides the building with emergency power in the unlikely event of a power lost
  • Fully Redundant 1500-ton cooling tower driven HVAC system
  • State of the art two stage fire supression systems
  • 24/7 On-site system administrators


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